Interactive Defense
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Interactive Defense creates a forum for ongoing conversation between public safety personnel, community leaders, and the citizens they serve in a free, easy-to-use, web-based format.

Interactive Defense maintains a community Safety Center allowing citizen access to information on BOLOs, missing persons and wanted persons.  Additionally, users have the opportunity to submit tips directly to investigating officers.

Using Interactive Defense allows 24/7 access to lookout databases from every agency in the Interactive Defense System.  Information in the databases is real-time, eliminating wait time for criminal databases to update or the news cycle to pick up your agency’s information.

Using Interactive Defense allows citizens to upload serial numbers of property to their profiles which can be easily accessed in the event the property is stolen.  

Using Interactive Defense allows for better scheduling of home checks for citizens that are out of town and provides immediate notification to the citizen via text and/or email each time a check is performed.

Interactive Defense maintains a registry of mobile phone numbers and ownership information in a database accessible by permissioned agency users in an emergency or during an investigation.