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Interactive Defense System Launches New Revenue Model

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Dec. 14, 2011 Interactive Defense, LLC today announced it has migrated its Interactive Defense System (IDS) Service to a free-to-use business model supported by advertising and is now focusing sales efforts on acquiring key advertising customers and large user bases through extensive municipality sales.

"The move to a free model is a major step forward as it offers several important benefits that we believe will generate significantly more revenue compared to the previous fee-based model," commented Frank Connor, Interactive Defense, Managing Director. "The team has been quietly updating the overall usability of the social network for a major functional and marketing push in early 2012. The updated system boasts much improved content to keep users engaged and will allow them to connect themselves and their families with one another, utilize their existing Facebook account to register, import photos from Facebook and Flickr, and chat real time with friends and fellow community members."

"Fueled by the new free-to-use business model, our current plan is to grow the monthly page views in the system to 1 million impressions within the next 6 months. At this volume, we can expect to see large gains in advertising revenue at a faster rate than through the traditional sales model. In addition to advertising, IDS plans to promote and sell FargoTube digital media within the ICS platform, along with other initiatives to further leverage the large number of monthly impressions received by IDS," Connor concluded.

Interactive Defense Systemâ„¢ provides residents immediate notifications of missing children and criminal activities as well as safety tips and other important public-safety related information, thus enhancing the safety of the community while residents can now actively participate in crime prevention. Residents can also securely share crime tips directly with 911 dispatchers, beat officers, detectives, and with each other. Communities with IDS also benefit from the ability to request officer assistance, register the personal valuables by serial number or other identifying features, and notify officers when residents' homes will be vacant due to moves or vacations. More information can be found at

Eileen Falkenberg-Hull
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Interactive Defense, LLC
1111 Alderman Drive, Suite 210
Alpharetta, GA 30005