Interactive Defense
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Interactive Defense creates a forum for ongoing conversation between the citizens, community leaders, and public safety personnel in a free, easy-to-use, web-based format.

Using Interactive Defense increases you access to your local government officials.  Homeowners, residents, and commuters are easily able to submit feedback to city leaders, workers, and public safety personnel creating a dialogue that helps develop solutions to problems in the community.

Using Interactive Defense allows you to play an active role in keeping your community secure by:
  • Residents can request vacation home checks online and receive real time status updates via email and/or text message from the individual officer at the time of the check.
  • Citizens can register serial numbers of their property and keep them on file in the Interactive Defense System.  Pawn shops are notified when an item in the IDS registry is reported as stolen preventing your items from being re-sold.
  • Interactive Defense sends alerts via text, email, and social media of local wanted and missing persons and allows users to submit tips directly to investigators.

Using Interactive Defense allows you to join a group to get updates about city activity in the area of your church, school, and business.  

Using Interactive Defense allows you to report city maintenance issues directly to those responsible for fixing them.